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If you're here, chances are some of the following may sound familiar.

  • You’re awesome at what you do and love what you do…or at least, you used to.

  • Right now though, you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, disorganized, and you feel like you just aren’t getting traction on your vision and financial goals…no matter how hard you work…and

  • Financial stress is a constant companion.

  • You're working so hard and for so many hours that you don't have time or energy for your family, kids, or friends…and you’re exhausted.

  • And like many entrepreneurs and leaders, business and finance aren’t your strong suit.

If you're here, you're ready for a change and you know that something has to change. But you aren't sure what that is. (Right? Right!) If so, I'm so glad you're here because you are not alone.

I want you to know that it IS possible to have

more impact, more money, and more guilt-free downtime.

I offer a unique approach that weaves together tried and true financial and business tools and practices with the wisdom I’ve gained from my 35 year (and counting) meditation practice, as well as ongoing studies in somatic psychology, self-esteem, and universal spiritual principles.

My calling is to help entrepreneurs and leaders, like yourself, to express your true potential and specialize in working with Spiritually-based entrepreneurs and leaders.

Discover a Proven Process to Get off the Money Treadmill and on the Road to Making a Difference, Making a Profit and Having a Life!

Over the past 35 years, I pioneered a personal and business growth system. Through strategic business coaching, along with financial and mindset mentoring, I can help you turn financial stress and overwhelm into consistent, purposeful action that turn those obstacles into opportunities that lead to greater prosperity; personally, financially, and professionally.

You CAN express your true potential and create unprecedented happiness and success by learning business building strategies and financial practices that help you take care of yourself while taking care of business.

If you want expert guidance and support for making a difference, making a profit and enjoying life, click the button below to sign up for a complimentary strategy session.

Financial Mentoring

Increasing revenue, cash flow, profitability, and peace of mind require developing financial clarity and a healthy relationship with money.  Learning practical financial skills and moving through blocks around money will unlock your financial potential. 

Business Coaching

You’ll dramatically increase the odds of your success by developing a written business plan, that includes your needs.  Having goals, strategies, priorities, and milestones will shorten your “to do” list and align your actions with the results you desire. 

Mindset Mentoring

Many entrepreneurs and leaders get so focused on building a successful business that they lose track of what they want for themselves.  Making your needs count will activate your creativity and make you a better leader in your business and life.