Linda Anderson Henry, MBA

Financial Mentor
Business Strategist
Prosperity Mindset Mentor

My calling is to help entrepreneurial creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs their true potential: personally, professionally, and financially.  Through my education, experience working with 100’s of entrepreneurs, and my own journey, I have found that the three most common obstacles to expressing one’s true potential are:

  • Financial stress

  • Fear and doubt

  • Overwhelm

Over the past 30 years, I pioneered a personal and business growth system that addresses these three challenges through a combination of a business mentoring group and one-to-one mentoring and coaching. 

Members achieve greater business success and personal happiness by learning critical business and financial skills, cultivating a prosperity mindset, and by having structure, accountability, and support for following through. 

Financial Mentoring

Increasing revenue, cash flow, profitability, and peace of mind require developing financial clarity and a healthy relationship with money.  Learning practical financial skills and moving through blocks around money will unlock your financial potential. 

Business Coaching

You’ll dramatically increase the odds of your success by developing a written business plan, that includes your needs.  Having goals, strategies, priorities, and milestones will shorten your “to do” list and align your actions with the results you desire. 

Mindset Mentoring

Many entrepreneurs and leaders get so focused on building a successful business that they lose track of what they want for themselves.  Making your needs count will activate your creativity and make you a better leader in your business and life.