Linda Anderson Henry, MBA

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Symbolism of the Logo

Prosperity Circles’ logo is a shape I drew over the years when I was doodling. Many years later, I learned that it symbolizes transformation. It is said that by focusing on it, with one's vision in mind, that it fosters clarity, creativity and thinking outside of the box--which helps transform your thoughts and energy into reality.

With 30+ years of corporate and small business experience, I am a seasoned financial mentor, business coach, and prosperity mindset mentor.  As a thinking partner and guide, I bring a CFO perspective when it comes to business planning, navigating cash flow challenges, making tough budgetary decisions, and growing a business profitably.  

I left the corporate world to earn my MBA from IMD in Switzerland, one of the top 10 MBA programs in the world. Shortly before moving to Europe, I took my first meditation workshop. It was only two days, but it changed my life.  I've had a daily meditation practice ever since--30 years and counting.  

I wrote my master's thesis on the impact of self-esteem and self-awareness on employee performance in the workplace. Since then, I've continued my growth and development through my studies of career counseling, somatic psychology, codependency, prosperity consciousness, and universal spiritual principles.

Growing up on a farm in South Dakota instilled heart-centered values and common sense.  Being both intuitive and analytical gives me the ability to see the big picture, connect the dots, and zero in on the heart of the matter with laser focus.

I believe that there is a creative force for good at work in the Universe that is bigger than we are. Daily practices such as prayer and meditation strengthen my connection with my intuition. I am passionate about encouraging others in bringing the power of their intuition to every aspect of your lives—including business and finance. 

Helping entrepreneurs express their true potential is my calling. I've grown through the triumphs and heartaches.  Last summer, my husband and I celebrated what we call our 2 + 10 anniversary.  We were together 10 years before getting married and have now been married two years! 

I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been and live in beautiful Marin County in Northern California, with my husband, James Henry, and our Bernese Mountain dog, Gracie.  In addition to Prosperity Circles, James and I co-own a martial arts school called Mojo Dojo Karate. To learn more about Mojo Dojo go to

If you want expert guidance and support for making a difference, making a profit and enjoying life, contact me today to schedule your complimentary strategy session at 415-306-4726 or click the button below to sign up. I'll get back to you within one business day to schedule a time to meet by phone or video calls.