Increasing revenue, cash flow, profitability, and peace of mind require developing financial clarity and a healthy relationship with money.  Learning practical financial skills and moving through blocks around money will unlock your financial potential. 

Financial mentoring will support you in developing financial intelligence that helps you consciously and proactively clarify the profit and cash flow needed to fund your vision of personal happiness and business success. With financial intelligence, you will be able to take strategic action that increases your cash flow, profitability, and shorten your "to do" list!

Financial Intelligence requires being a good financial steward—consciously managing your financial affairs on a business and personal level. The financial clarity that you will gain through being a good steward of your finances will help you know where solid ground is, give you a sense of traction, and peace of mind. 

Financial Mentoring Involves:

  • A step-by-step, compassionate, powerful process that will shift your relationship with money to one of creativity and stewardship

  • Working with you to clarify your vision of personal happiness and business success so you can define "how much money is enough"

  • Guiding you in developing revenue targets and expense projections that reflect compensating you at the level you desire

  • Having a thinking partner as you proactively develop strategies and action plans that help you accelerate achieving your financial goals

  • Learning and implementing financial systems and structures for projecting, tracking, and reviewing results

  • Developing strategies for expediting debt payoff and savings

Private Coaching & Mentoring

Working one-to-one in provides space for more in-depth exploration. Together, we define your needs and goals and focus on creating opportunities out of the personal or business situations that most inspire and challenge you. Working together face-to-face, via webcam or by phone; one-to-one business and financial mentoring will help you dig deep into challenging and important issues, hold your big picture vision and optimize emerging opportunities. Our work together is designed to support you in making wise decisions and to be accountable for taking strategic action that is aligned with the results you desire.