Peer Advisory Groups for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

A peer advisory group is a professionally facilitated business "think tank" for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to who want more guilt-free downtime and, at the same time, to step up their game in their business.  Entrepreneurs often struggle in isolation with trying to find solutions to tough challenges, evaluating opportunities, having difficult conversations, juggling work and life priorities, quieting that inner critic...and more. 

With a business think tank, no matter what challenges or opportunities arise, members know they have a trusted, unbiased group of peer advisors to turn to who are committed to helping one another thrive. 

A business think tank, combined with having an expert business strategist, financial and mindset mentor business provides a powerful vehicle for helping you make faster, better, more confident decisions that lead to new levels of happiness and success. Working one-to-one in provides space for more in-depth exploration. Together, we define your needs and goals and focus on creating opportunities out of the personal or business situations that most inspire and challenge you. 

Imagine the difference it could make in your life and business to have a safe, confidential environment where you can discuss your most challenging strategic issues and opportunities. A business think tank provides a rare opportunity to gain access to the collective experience and wisdom from a diverse group of business owners from a wide range of non-competing businesses.

You'll have the opportunity to engage in deep strategic discussions that spark unique insights, perspectives, innovative strategies, breakthrough ideas and competitive advantage. Ideal members are open-minded, growth-oriented, want to serve the greater good and who are willing to be vulnerable.

Members are matched with entrepreneurs who have a similar depth of experience, aspirations, business trajectory.  Each group includes monthly group sessions, as well as monthly private coaching and mentoring. The format of the group and length of the private one-to-one sessions vary.

I have led business think tanks for most of the last 30 years and trained with Vistage Worldwide as a peer advisory board chair. I've worked with entrepreneurs, business owners and CEO's representing a broad range of businesses, from innovative to traditional.

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