Are you a Spiritually-based entrepreneur or leader?

10 tell-tale signs that you are a Spiritually-based entrepreneur or leader?:

  1. You believe that there is something at work in the Universe that is bigger than we are.

  2. You want to create a business that makes a difference and that is aligned with your calling, passions, values, gifts, skills, and experience.

  3. You value personal and spiritual growth.

  4. Spiritual entrepreneurs surround themselves with others that uplift them.

  5. You value money and meaning.

  6. You’re a trailblazer—you don't shy away from the road less traveled.

  7. You are creative, open-minded, compassionate.

  8. You value compassion and integrity in all of your relationships, including yourself.

  9. You want to make a difference make a profit, and have a life.

  10. You embrace a rational and intuitive approach.