One day, after meditating,

 I felt drawn to look up prosperity on my iPhone dictionary. I'd looked up prosperity many times in the past. At first glance, the definition of prosperity was similar to what I'd seen before--to thrive or flourish, especially in financial terms. The dictionary on my iPhone, from the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, took the definition one step further. There was another link for "to prosper." When I clicked on it I learned that "to prosper" was derived from the Latin root word, prosperare, which means "to make happy."  Somewhere along the way, someone made the leap that making more money equals happiness.

I believe the path to true happiness lies in our ability to express our true potential. Over the past 30 years, I pioneered a holistic, mindful, and strategic business growth system that, through a collaborative approach, helps entrepreneurs realize their vision of personal happiness and business success with more clarity and less stress. This system represents the culmination of what I’ve learned through my education and experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs. I've walked this path myself and have real-life experience dealing with the same heartaches and triumphs as my clients. I've brought together the best financial, business, and spiritual principles, tools, and practices.  It is a holistic, mindful, and strategic approach that is practical and profound. 

Holistic - For many entrepreneurs, it’s a fine line between business and personal. The tendency is to get so focused on building a successful business and that they lose track of what they want for themselves. This system is holistic. Instead of just focusing on the business, it includes your needs as a business owner.  As an entrepreneur, you are the foundation of your business.  If you’re not thriving, it will ultimately take a toll on the success of the business, not to mention your happiness.

Mindful - Mindfulness is a practice of getting centered and listening to your intuition. This awareness will help you align your personal and business vision with your values, who you are, what you want, and whom you are here to serve and how.

Strategic - You’ll look at your life and business as a whole and create a business plan to optimize each aspect that is critical to your happiness and success.  With this clarity, you can proactively and strategically set priorities in the context of your big your big picture vision.  From this vantage point, you can make better decisions that will bring a new-found sense of harmony, happiness, and fulfillment.

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