I came away with a new level of clarity and a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm ...


“I am a Realtor in a very competitive market.  Working with Linda as my business coach has been instrumental in helping me get traction and achieve my most important goals.

Linda is insightful, engaged, supportive, wise, and compassionate, with the experience of coaching people to success for many years, and the patience to help me get there, too.

I kicked off the year with her Visioning and Planning Retreat and have been a member of her ongoing business mentoring group, called a Momentum Circle. Before the retreat, I was starting the new year with a sense of overwhelm.  My professional To-Do list was intimidating.  I was having trouble facing even the smallest tasks on it.  

Initially, I was worried about setting aside an entire day for the retreat.  But it was well worth it!  I came away with a new level of clarity and a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm for my work, informed by a clearer vision of what I most want, and the path for getting there. It also helped me understand both the “how” and the “why” that inspire me to do the work I do.

Linda’s process helped me identify what matters most to me not only intellectually, but emotionally as well.  Over the course of the day, she helped me to sort through my limiting beliefs, and give myself permission to think bigger and with more optimism.

The process during the retreat made it possible to identify the highest yield goals and essential action items to work on first—all in alignment with my year-end goals. I’ve been more productive ever since.

Besides the professional results I am enjoying, on a personal level I have increased the amount of time I devote to taking care of my health – my major personal goal – and am feeling an improvement in my general outlook on life, my physical energy and stamina.

Meeting monthly with the group of business owners adds an extra level of understanding to the process of sorting through what I want most out of each sphere in my life.  Certain things are universal, no matter what field we are in.  Hearing the perceived “obstacles” facing the other members of the group helped me to realize that almost nothing is insurmountable.” 

Karen Schneider, Realtor, Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty, karen.schneider@sothebysrealty.com

“I felt pulled between so many people/things needing support and with no peer to shoulder the burden.”

Andrea Varnai.jpg

“When I originally met Linda for a one on one consult, I was feeling overwhelmed with the activity happening all around me (two small children at home, a new and quickly growing businesses, a husband who was frequently traveling for his own job.) I felt pulled between so many people/things needing support and with no peer to shoulder the burden.

 Linda suggested I start out with an upcoming retreat she was hosting that was focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners  achieve balance in their business and personal life and to learn how to make those things give back to you. It sounded perfect!

 During the retreat we were coached to organize our thoughts, goals, obstacles and visions and we did all of this together over the course of a day and in a setting with our peers. Things that seem so obvious when you are asked to verbalize seem to take on a very different shape when written down in a specific format. A clear path appears before you.

The retreat was a catalyst for some changes that I was already contemplating making, but haven’t had the focus to give attention to. Since the retreat I scheduled time away for myself, time away with my husband, family, and my husband's mom.  We took a careful look at our finances and know what we can afford to pay someone to help with the business, cut my work hours, and started exercising. I've taken back control, am finding passion for the business again, can see more clearly, and have identified next steps.”

 Things are moving! Thanks Linda

- Andrea Varnai, Owner/Founder, Mother Nature’s Cleaning - www.mothernaturescleaning.com

"I participated in Linda’s 2018 Visioning and Planning Retreat.”

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“The writing of my vision for my work and personal lifestyle from now to 2021 was effortless. I left with clear priorities and goals ready to make my vision reality.

I had reservations that I wouldn’t be able to sit still and stay focused but the workshop was very different than anything I had done before. There was a loving feeling within the participants of the group. 

In the first week following the workshop several of my goals and vision have already come to surpass.

I continue to see Linda once a month to keep myself current as to what my priorities and goals are. I find these monthly support meetings extremely effective to keep me on point.

As the CEO of my corporation, I can’t tell you how important this is to me.”

- Dr. Dan Smith, D.C., CEO, Genesa Living - www.genesaliving.com

“My dream took on a life of its own.”


“My passion is teaching karate. I’ve been practicing a Japanese style of karate since I was 10 years old. I had a dream of opening my own martial arts school. After working for many years in the corporate world, it seemed like an impossible dream to create a business doing what I love.  With Linda’s guidance and encouragement, I clarified what it would take to make it work financially. Once I did that my dream took on a life of its own.

I am now in my 4th year of having my own dojo (the Japanese word for school). Another revelation from my work with Linda was realizing that I could free up 80 hours per month by dropping one stream of income. Withthatclarity I replaced that income within one week by adding a few new students to an existing class! The dojo continues to grow organically at a pace that allows me to enjoy my life and do what I love–teach karate as a way of learning and practicing the way of peace and harmony.

- Shihan James Henry, Mojo Dojo Karate - www.mojodojokarate.com

“I was almost tumbling over myself with newfound excitement about what I was trying to do.”

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“At the suggestion of a business connection who had been working with Linda for some time, I  joined a one-day Visionary and Planning retreat at Linda’s lovely new home by the water.

 At the beginning of the retreat, I shared with the group that I was feeling kind of stuck.  Although I am passionate about building my business in order to provide access to natural, healthy home interiors, I have been finding that the day to day running of the business was not allowing any room for me to use my creative talents.

 After spending the day with the group, working through the format of the retreat, I was excited to find that my creative juices had started to flow again and I was almost tumbling over myself with newfound excitement about what I was trying to do.  Suddenly there was renewed clarity.

 The retreat has given me a huge boost to my approach to my business. Since the retreat, I started writing goals and making commitments. I'm more focused in all areas of my life and business. I had been plugging away at catching up with my bookkeeping and now it is up to date all the time.  I did an annual review with my employee and created a new incentive plan.  I moved out of the day to day.  Things feel more spiritually aligned and I feel less stressed, more energized, and am having more fun. I'm excited to be moving forward with branding, adding a shopping cart to my website. I'm being more assertive, taking action right away on quick, short things. I have a plan and timeline with milestones to manifest my vision.

Thank you, Linda.  I will certainly be recommending your retreats to everyone!”

- Rowena Finegan, Pine Street Natural Interiors - www.pinestreetinteriors.com

“I’m feeling ready to finish off this year with a bang and start 2019 with an even bigger bang.”

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“I took Linda’s Visioning and Planning Retreat in January and am a member of her ongoing Momentum Circle. Thanks to new insights, developed in these circles, I've re-positioned my business to better reflect my true gifts as a creative director. Momentum Circle is a truly rich experience--not only because of Linda's expertise and guidance--but also because of the quality and generosity of the other circle members. I also participated in her mid-year Visioning & Planning retreat, and I’m feeling ready to finish off this year with a bang and start 2019 with an even bigger bang.  I'm aiming higher and leveraging my time in order to have a major impact and still have the time and money to create beauty, abundance and respectful simplicity in my life and in the lives of those closest to me. Since the mid-year retreat, I’m carving out more personal space, solitude, and quality time doing nothing. This is lighting my creative fire, like never before!”

- Leslie Lawton, Connected Communications, Owner & Creative Director, www.connectedcom.com

“Knowing what you want to achieve is crucial in formulating a game plan.”


“I've been a bit in the doldrums in terms of how I want my business to run in the next 5-10 years. I've been both self employed and as an employee of a university on and off for the past 15. Linda's retreat helped me to settle my wondering desires and to see what I really really wanted to do. 

Knowing what you want to achieve is crucial in formulating a game plan moving forward to have more joy and peace in both work and play. Linda was the catalyst that allowed me to see what I wanted to do moving forward.”

- Haydn Adams, Nautilus Designs - www.nautilusdesigns.com