I came away with a new level of clarity and a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm ...


“I am a Realtor in a very competitive market.  Working with Linda as my business coach has been instrumental in helping me get traction and achieve my most important goals.

Linda is insightful, engaged, supportive, wise, and compassionate, with the experience of coaching people to success for many years, and the patience to help me get there, too.

I kicked off the year with her Visioning and Planning Retreat and have been a member of her ongoing business mentoring group, called a Momentum Circle. Before the retreat, I was starting the new year with a sense of overwhelm.  My professional To-Do list was intimidating.  I was having trouble facing even the smallest tasks on it.  

Initially, I was worried about setting aside an entire day for the retreat.  But it was well worth it!  I came away with a new level of clarity and a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm for my work, informed by a clearer vision of what I most want, and the path for getting there. It also helped me understand both the “how” and the “why” that inspire me to do the work I do.

Linda’s process helped me identify what matters most to me not only intellectually, but emotionally as well.  Over the course of the day, she helped me to sort through my limiting beliefs, and give myself permission to think bigger and with more optimism.

The process during the retreat made it possible to identify the highest yield goals and essential action items to work on first—all in alignment with my year-end goals. I’ve been more productive ever since.

Besides the professional results I am enjoying, on a personal level I have increased the amount of time I devote to taking care of my health – my major personal goal – and am feeling an improvement in my general outlook on life, my physical energy and stamina.

Meeting monthly with the group of business owners adds an extra level of understanding to the process of sorting through what I want most out of each sphere in my life.  Certain things are universal, no matter what field we are in.  Hearing the perceived “obstacles” facing the other members of the group helped me to realize that almost nothing is insurmountable.” 

Karen Schneider, Realtor, Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty, karen.schneider@sothebysrealty.com