“I was almost tumbling over myself with newfound excitement about what I was trying to do.”

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“At the suggestion of a business connection who had been working with Linda for some time, I  joined a one-day Visionary and Planning retreat at Linda’s lovely new home by the water.

 At the beginning of the retreat, I shared with the group that I was feeling kind of stuck.  Although I am passionate about building my business in order to provide access to natural, healthy home interiors, I have been finding that the day to day running of the business was not allowing any room for me to use my creative talents.

 After spending the day with the group, working through the format of the retreat, I was excited to find that my creative juices had started to flow again and I was almost tumbling over myself with newfound excitement about what I was trying to do.  Suddenly there was renewed clarity.

 The retreat has given me a huge boost to my approach to my business. Since the retreat, I started writing goals and making commitments. I'm more focused in all areas of my life and business. I had been plugging away at catching up with my bookkeeping and now it is up to date all the time.  I did an annual review with my employee and created a new incentive plan.  I moved out of the day to day.  Things feel more spiritually aligned and I feel less stressed, more energized, and am having more fun. I'm excited to be moving forward with branding, adding a shopping cart to my website. I'm being more assertive, taking action right away on quick, short things. I have a plan and timeline with milestones to manifest my vision.

Thank you, Linda.  I will certainly be recommending your retreats to everyone!”

- Rowena Finegan, Pine Street Natural Interiors - www.pinestreetinteriors.com