"I participated in Linda’s 2018 Visioning and Planning Retreat.”

Dan Smith.jpg

“The writing of my vision for my work and personal lifestyle from now to 2021 was effortless. I left with clear priorities and goals ready to make my vision reality.

I had reservations that I wouldn’t be able to sit still and stay focused but the workshop was very different than anything I had done before. There was a loving feeling within the participants of the group. 

In the first week following the workshop several of my goals and vision have already come to surpass.

I continue to see Linda once a month to keep myself current as to what my priorities and goals are. I find these monthly support meetings extremely effective to keep me on point.

As the CEO of my corporation, I can’t tell you how important this is to me.”

- Dr. Dan Smith, D.C., CEO, Genesa Living - www.genesaliving.com